Village Fete

Our Morris is full to the roof..............


Our little Morris Minor has recently been on an outing to Witchampton, Dorset. He was hired by Fisks Estate Agents as a marketing tool for their sponsorship of the village’s summer fete and used in their ‘guess the number of balloons,’ competition.


We created authentic signage to be applied to the vehicle pictating a vintage estate agency business. Hireaclassiccar.com were responsible for the concept through to installation.


Herbie, Del Boy & Mr Bean also went along and were thoroughly enjoyed by all of the visitors that attend the fete.


Download the promotional flyer here

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Whilst our vehicles are often used to support a specific campaign or promotion they are also great for drawing a passing crowd. If you’re organising an event, whatever it may be, we’re always grateful for an invitation. Typically there are no costs to the event organiser and we’ll bring as many of our collection as you can accommodate.

Our technicians enjoy answering questions and engaging with any interested members of the public and who doesn’t want a picture next to Del Boy!

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